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Meet Elizabeth Hay

Yoga Specialist 

Elizabeth has been many hours of yoga teaching experience that range from private yoga and yoga therapy sessions, studio mat classes, small group training​, corporate yoga, and more.  She has owned a small studio and taught at larger conferences as well as written and run yoga teacher trainings.  Her hours of experience have given her a unique style of teaching which her students seek out. 

Elizabeth holds certifications in a wide variety of disciplines related to yoga and healthy living.  

  • 200 Hour Certification

  • 500 Hour Certification

  • Yoga Therapy Certification

  • Yin Yoga Certification

  • Aerial Yoga Certification

  • Yoga Assists Certification

  • Pre/Postnatal Yoga

  • Yoga for Kids

  • Plant Based Nutrition, Cornell

  • and more.

Elizabeth is a wife and mother of 6 children.  Her and her husband own and operate an engineering firm in State College, Pa.


Why Yoga?

It can help with

Physical Strength 

Challenging postures held for longer periods of time increase physical strength without damaging impact like other exercises.   Core strength is a major benefit of yoga along with legs, shoulders, and increased bone density.


The list on ways that yoga can reduce stress is pretty long.  Here are two.  Yoga elevates two hormones in the body that are essential to boosting mood, happiness, and well being.  Their names are Oxytocin and Endorphins.


You DO NOT need to be flexible to do yoga, this is a myth.  But a benefit in practicing yoga is increase flexibility of range of motion.  This is helpful in all aspects of life from your daily life style to your golf swing.

Mental Health

Yoga relieves muscle tension, increases body awareness, promotes self awareness and positive self image, sharpness focus and concentration, relieves stress, reduces inflammation, and so much more.  With all these positive benefits, yoga has a positive effect on overall mental health.


Yoga includes physical postures and breath work but it also can include meditation.  Mediation gives you an opprotunity to dive deeper into your spiritual journey for deeper connection, understanding, and worship.

Overall Body Harmony

Yoga brings the intricate systems of the body into harmony which is key to disease prevention.  This also means that your less likely to feel sore of stiff after a yoga practice and more likely to walk out of the class feeling happy and stress free.


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